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Air Handling Units and Heat Exchangers


Air Handling Unit - Canadian Blower
Class 1 Air Handling Units

Clean room, pharmaceutical, surgical and other industrial process applications require equipment with quality levels far above what would normally be sufficient for most buildings. Class 1 air handling units exceed even the most stringent industrial standards for quality with state-of-the-art tongue and groove construction. Class 1 air handling units are engineered to meet the highest levels of efficiency, acoustics, air quality, reliability and servicability. Class 1 is available with factory witness testing of airflow, vibration, sound power, cabinet leakage and panel deflection providing customers the added assurance that their concerns have been satisfied.

Canada Blower Air-handling unit AHU
Class 2 Air Handling Units

Schools, hospitals, offices, automotive manufacturing and many other industries often desire to have quality custom air handling units instead of standard commercial units, but have significant budget constraints. Class 2 air handling units represent a lower cost solution that has been specifically engineered to allow for quality custom design. Class 2 units have an integral welded structural steel tubular frame that allows for infinite custom airflow configurations. The welded frame construction provides for efficient assembly, thereby minimizing manufacturing costs. An added feature is high structural integrity that far exceeds standard commercial grade units and assists in providing a 40 year design life.

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Industrial Process Coils

Industrial processes often require heat transfer coils with features that far exceed commercial HVAC coils. Industrial coils are available in a wide range of special materials and thicknesses designed to meet the rugged demands of industrial applications. Our industrial process coils are perfect for chilled or hot water, brine solutions, refrigerants or steam applications. Industrial process coils feature continuous plate type fins and staggered tube arrangements offering the best engineering balance between heat transfer, air flow resistance, strength and maintenance. Each industrial process coil tube is supported across its entire length by the fins, providing a rigid coil of unmatched strength and durability.

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Canada Blower Air Handling Units (AHU) combine a fan (or several fans) with other components such as heating and/or cooling elements, filters, and dampers as a means to collectively condition the air in a building. AHU is a general term comprised of many specific types of air handlers including: Air Make-Up Units (AMUs), Packaged Units (PU), Rooftop Units (RTU), and Energy Recovery Units (ERU). Air handlers range from very small, low CFM light-duty construction to very large, high CFM heavy-duty construction, and are used in many types of buildings that require air conditioning such as office buildings, hospitals, universities, schools, manufacturing facilities and data centers. Typically, air passing through an AHU is clean and varies in temperature depending on the specific application. Energy consumption and noise are often important considerations when selecting a fan for an AHU. Plenum fans and DWDI fans are commonly found in these units, but are not used exclusively. To accommodate the various applications these units are used for, Canada Blower offers the most diverse and efficient fans in the industry to meet the need of any air handling unit.
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Roof and wall exhaust and supply power ventilation fans for industrial and commercial HVAC. Sales of axial propeller fans; inline blowers; centrifugal fan ventilators; square in-line fans; FRP fan blowers; wall and roof exhauster fans

Canada Blower makes a wide variety of fans in many materials for use in general ventilation systems. Manufacturing processes and logistical storage of materials require air exhaust and supply rates that are detailed by industrial ventilation codes. Proper location of industrial unit heaters, along with fresh make-up air fans, provide air to work spaces. Canada Blower supplies exhaust fans and roof ventilators for heat removal that can create comfortable work spaces in most climate zones. Cafeterias, locker rooms and office spaces require additional systems that are usually specified by local codes.

The application of modern industrial and commercial ventilation equipment involves research into local code requirements. Canada Blower produces every available type of fan necessary for HVAC systems. If your process is clean, and requires minimal filtration, simple axial fans can perform the task. If you are designing a high density office or health care facility, requirements become much more stringent. Refrigeration systems are involved in multiple story buildings. This means additional blower / fan equipment and design considerations for location of these ventilation systems.